Dydd Gwener 3 Tachwedd 2006 日本人友達とポットラックパーティー
Everyone cooked Japanese foods and brought them. Is it called potluck party, isn't it?
Today, I cooked "Nikogori". In Japan, people often make food boiled and seasoned by a pot and then, the soup is left in the pot. Nikogori is made with the soup they usually throw away.

First, boil water and add vegitable gelatin and then, add the soup and some vegitables and meat you like. Maybe you should cut them into small pieces because it's easier to cut Nikogori and eat.
Finally, pour the liquid( becoming solid..) into a case or container and put it in a refrigerator.
Then, you can enjoy the taste!

Now, we are full and can't eat anymore....

Nos da! (maybe I have to say "Bore da"(good morning) becouse you probably read this message in the morning.)

by yn-cardydd | 2006-11-04 10:41 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
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