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Dydd Marcher 10 Ionawr 2007(Wednesday 10th January 2007)

Annwyl P a J, sut wyt ti?

I had a bad cold from last night maybe because I went out with light jacket, not warm coat. It was sunny day, but fine day becomes colder than rainy or crowdy day, isn't it? I totally forgot it. After I came back to my room, gradually I was getting feel cold even inside the building and had a cold. So, I couldn't email you. Today, I was in a bed all the day long except eating meals and as a result, now I feel much better than yesterday. My friend bought me foods and gave me medicine. Peopple who help me in trouble are true friends.

However, if I walk around, my condition might become worse again, so I'll stay in here and do something tomorrow as well. Day after tomorrow is the day I canmeet both of you since Christmas day!

Oh, this is the email for yesterday, I'll talk about yesterday. I met one of my Japanese friends who came back to Cardiff recently. She said it was much colder in Japan than Cardiff. Indeed, after Christmas it has been very warm here, hasn't it? I am lucky to stay here. However, only yesterday, it was a bit cold and that's why I had a cold....

Anyway, I'm getting better and I am sure I can join the dinner on Saturday.

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2007-01-12 09:18 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Mawrth 9 Ionawr 2007(Tuesday 9 January 2007)

Annwyl P a J,

I had a terribly bad news in this morning. I found my Korean friend(she is the only one asian student of the same course in Undergraduate) is online on msn messenger and talked to her.
Then, I knew she is till in Korea although she has to take examination so soon. I wondered why she is staying longer than she was going to do. Suddenly, she said her father passed away just after she had arrived in Korea. That's why she postponed the date to come back here.

I couldn't say anything but I am happy to have heard she would come back to Cardiff and keep study. That's all I could say and any other words didn't come up on my mind. Even if I have been a fluent speaker, I couldn't have said anything more because I know I can't do anything for her now.
I had the same experience as this before, it was when I was in the final year of Japanese University. One of my friends whom I had known wll since I was a high school studnet lost her father. At that time, I couldn't say anything to her.

My brother have such a experience, too. His intimate friend's mother passed away when he was 2nd or 3rd year of a university. When she died, my brother just stayed with his friend all the night without saying anything. I am very proud that my brother did it. He is not very talkative, but show his feeling with his attitude. I am not good at show my feeling with my attitude as well words. I have loads of things to learn from people around me every day...

I still have no idea but I am waitting for her coming back to Cardiff and looking forward to studying together with her.

Then, I'll go to bed. Nos da.
by yn-cardydd | 2007-01-10 13:00 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Llun 8 Ionawr 2007(Monday 8th January 2007)

Annwyl P a J,

I'm glad to hear that you are much better now and you had a great time at your birthday party. You had such a wonderful celebration from your many friends, didn't you? I was very surprised at your email! 34! That's must have been a gorgeous. From me, "Happy Birthday". I always want to be a person loved by many people like you.

My birthday is April and I might have told you before, 3 of 7 people(I am one of the three) in my course were born on the same day. So, we hope we have a party together. I heard it is usual that birthday person plans a party for himeslf/herself and invite friends, is it true? In Japan, family or friends plan it and invite the birthday person. In this case, I think Japanse way is better because the birthday person should be celebrated, besides, I would want to surprise him or her at unpredicted timing.

About dinner on Saturday, I do remember it although I was not quite sure about time. Anyway, I am happy to meet you so soon. Is it better to wear formal dress on that day? Pleas let me know on Friday.

Gwela i ti, (See you soon)
by yn-cardydd | 2007-01-09 10:55 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Sul 7 Ionawr 2007(Sunday 7th January 2007)

Shmae, noswaith dda, P a J,

I didn't go out even 1sec Yesterday, so I'd decided to go to a book shop. Howerver, when I got up I found it was half past 1 already(of course,it was 1 pm). My god! I was looking at the map Hitomi gave me just before going to bed and I couldn't stop it for a long time, so...I spent all the morning time for sleeping. Still, I went out because if I didn't, that means I would have been in my student hall all the timel for two days in a row.

Although I could spend less than 1 hour in a bookshop, I got satisfied to some extent. I did my going out! Tomorrow, I will go to school office and library...I am going to do.

As one of my flat mates gave me a bulb of tulip recently, I am taking care of it as well as the plant you gave me on the first day we met. My flat mate really likes plants and now she is taking care of 6 bulbs of tulip, a foliage plant(I don't know the name), rose, chili and lemon grass. Both of us take them to the kitchen now because sunlight comes in much more than our each room, so it's like somewhat of indoor garden. It is lovely, isn't it? Maybe she wants to use chili and lemon grass for her hot and spcy cooking, though.

Maybe we can see each other so soon at your club's meeting or something, right? I am looking forward to it.

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2007-01-08 14:19 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Sadwrn 6 Ionawr 2007(Saturday 6th January 2007)

Annwyl P a J, sut wyt ti?

Noswaith dda, how's your feeling? Some of my Japanese friends came back here and today, Japanese girl staying at the ground floor of this house arrived at night. She'got a cold on the half way of her journey(she traveled in France and Italy) so, she looked so tired and pale. She'd told me she came back around 8 pm, so I supposed she would arrived here without eating dinner. I prepared rice porridge for her. Long journey is hard, isn't it?

Tow of my friends were traveled in Italy and both of them Italian food is quite good but got bored after one week. Althoug it depends on the place, it was too salty, they said. It can't be helped because Japanese people prefer lighter taste. When I visited England for the first time, I was so surprised at the sweetness of chocolates and couldn't eat it out. However, I am reallising I am used to it already....my sense of taste got used to this country much faster than my sense of hearing.

Oh, I am planning to go to Brighton now. I am not sure when I should go but maybe some day in this month. One of the sholorship student promised me to take me around there. Do you remember Aram from US sitting with both of you at the dinner of Link Weekend? It's him. I am excited to go there.

Then, I'll go to bed, Nos da.
by yn-cardydd | 2007-01-07 12:29 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Gwener 5 Ionawr 2007(Friday 5th January 2007)

Annwyl P a J,

Today, I went to Lidol just before it closed(aprox 7:45) to get milk and lemon(I really liked the lemon and ginger drink). When I was queuing, I heard shop assistant girl saying "Do you like chicken?" I thought it was just chat or something between her and a customer but I found when I went foward. She gave us packs of "wafer thin roast chicken". That's why she was asking the customers if they liked or not. I answered "I do.", so she gave one at first, but when I looke at her again after take some coins from my wallet, I found three pack of it in front of me!
But the package says it is best before 7th January, I have to eat them up as fast as I can. I wonder what's easy and good way to cook?

Speaking of cooking, I found an article like this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=426774&in_page_id=1770
Have you heard the name,Robert May? He was a cook and published his recipe book in 1678. As the article says, the cult of the celerity chef(must be Jamie Oliver, his books are sold in Japan as well) is not new phenomenon. Personally, I am interested not in the price of the book but in how to care of the book...

I'm looking foward to seeing you so soon and going practicing singing at the choir.

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2007-01-06 13:57 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Iau 4 Ionawr 2007(Thurdsday 4th January 2007)

Annwyl Pauline a John,

I hope Pauline almost got recoverd. As you are always very active and sociable in my mind, I never imagined you'd been in bed all the time. I told you yesterday, I was having a cold(you see, I said 'I was'), but now I am fine.No sore in my throat and no running nose. I had the lemon and ginger drink 4times yesterday, and it worked on me a lot! If you are still not very fine, try it.

By the way, there are no one else in my flat, so I went to Victoria hall and had a dinner with one of my Japanese friend. We cooked one of Japanese traditional food people eat during the first three days in January(this term is called "Oshogatu"and we eat several traditional food. The food I and my friend made is called "Ozoni" and we put in it sliced carrot, beens, taro(a kind of potato) chiken and rice cake. Recipe of "Ozoni" is different from place to place, so, if Japanese people talk about the recipe, they have different one and interesting talk starts there. I guess you have such foods.

Oh, yesterday, one of Japanese friends came back to Cardiff from trip to Italy and France, and she joined us later.Her journey was fun but hard, she said. Food is excellent, of course, but she got bored one week later, and transport was bad. Too many people flooded into Paris(her final destination), so she couldn't get on limited express. As a result, she had to take local trains and took a hald day to get there. She said the journey was so fun, but in the end, she had wanted to get home because of the tiredness. How true! Home is sweet.

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2007-01-05 13:32 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Wercher 3 Ionawr 2007(Wednesday 3rd January 2007)

Annwyl P a J,

How's your condtion, Pauline? To tell the truth, I have a cold. Don't worry, mine is not very bad. I just have running nose and my throat is sometimes a bit sore. So, after I came back from somewhere, I always gargle well(I've heard in Japan that gargle with tea is really helphul to prevent from getting cold) and take vitamin C. I drink lemon & ginger hot water. Recently I often make it myself, just squeeze lemon, and put a slice of jinger, sugar and hot water. This is very easy, isn't it?

Oh, by the way, one of my flat mates left for South Africa at 1am, and at 11 am, another one is leaving for London. That means, I am alone for a few days. I have nobody to talk to in my flat! That's a serious problem for me trying to improve my listening and speaking English. Maybe, all I can do is to concentrate on listening(by DVDs) and reading. Besides, I must build a wide range of vocaburary.

I am keeping reading news web site like BBC online and watching DVDs. When I watch films at a theatre, I could understand the story. Today, I could catch the outline of a movie I watched as well, but it is because the picture helps me so much. Whispers, fast talking like a mchine gun or just long speech...I don't cacth up with such things almost at all.
Therefore, I sometimes get depressed and even don't want to wacth anymore, but still keeping it. I don't want a situation that after a few month, I would find everyone else(I mean Japanese friends) got used to English and I am behind alone.

Do you remember I asked you how many books British people read on average? I found a article on BBC online and it said Indian people are the best to spend time for reading. They spend 10.7 hours a week! So big book worms, aren't they? Unfortunately, a graph on the article showed Japanese people spend less than half of Indian. That's a pitiable news. I must contribut in the figure by reading more than Indian people!

However, I've got to go to bed now.

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2007-01-04 13:59 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Mawrth 2 Ionawr 2006(Tuesday 2nd January 2006)

Annwyl P a J,

I am sorry to hear that you had to cancel the trip, but Christmas comes again and again, and next trip will be much better for you, like a sunny day coming just after a rainy week. I hope you will recover sooooo soon.

This morning, Hitomi and Matthew left for Swansea because her house mates invited her to a party. Hitomi told me she wanted to stay here a bit more, though:) In March, one of her flat mates is leaving for Japan and therefore, she can move to a bigger room. So, after her moving, I will visit her with my flat mate(my flat mate is really interested in Swansea). Oh, I didn't tell you this, Hitomi gave me a present. As she deleted one of my data in my pc accidentaly(it's not academic file,though), she bought it for apology. The gift is world atlas book! I really love to read it and I told her I wanted to buy one but I couldn't find a good one yet.Now, I am devoted my time into reading the book so much.

My flat mates like Hitomi already and one of them said she is really nice. Hitomi is very sociable and good at comunication. Every time I see her, I learn something from her. Maybe, she could be a chairman or president of Rotary club of somewhere. Then, I would help her.

I'm going to sleep. Take care, Pauline.

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2007-01-03 12:46 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Llun 1 Ionawr 2007(Monday 1st January 2007)

Annwyl, Pauline a John,

A happy new year! How was your first day in this year?
I went to a cinema in City centre with Hitomi and Matthew and we watched "Miss Potter", featured Beatrix Potter. I thought it would be released on 5th but it was already done in Cineworld.
So, we decided to go there.

We ate fast food at MacDonald before the movie, it was the first dinner in this year! Oh, it's not very good as first one but interesting. Anyway, the movie was so brilliant, I am sure you must see it. Just on half point of the movie, the story became so sad that we all cried. I wonder why people get tired after crying so much. It takes so much energy, doesn't it?

If I am in Japan, TV programmes and traditional foods for New Year's day make a kind of typical "New Year's day"mood and make people "oh, a new year has come!" but now, nothing makes me feel so( We only ate Soba noodle, though)". Therefore I don't feel last year had gone and a new year has come. Although I don't feel New year's mood really, a lot of things I have to pile up in front of me! I must try them one by one.

Hitomi and Matthew is leaving tomorrow morning. I will miss them just after they leave here.

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2007-01-02 09:32 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール