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Noswaith dda, Pauline and John,
Dydd sul 12 Tachwedd 2006(Sunday 12th November 2006)

I spent brilliant time with Hitomi and Btitton in this weekend.
Hitomi went back to Swansea in this morning.
In fact, three of us watch a movie im my room and it was finished at around 1:30.
As Hitomi and I were talking a lot after Britton left here, we went to bed at around 4 am again.

Today, I bought a book at Waterstone's. It's about how to do household staff like cokking, cleaning, washing clothes and even packing a suitcase and I think the book is good to know a part of the way of thinking or culture in this country. I was looking for a good world atlas but this time I bought it.

Anyway, tomorrow, I and Britton will wait for you at 6:45 in front of "green restaurant".

Nos da, hwyl!
by yn-cardydd | 2006-11-13 07:40 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
National Museum、日本食レストランだよ!+中古テレビ持ってる人募集の巻
Dydd Sadwrn 11 Tachwedd 2006(Saturday 11th November 2006)

I went to National Museum with Hitomi today.
To my surprise, I found interesting words in Welsh in the museum.
"Y ddol Japaneaidd", that means "Japanese doll"! So, now I can say "I am Japanese" in Welsh!
In Welsh, "Japaneaidd dw i". There are some Welsh dictionaries and books, so now I am wondering I should buy something to learn easy welsh expressions and vocabulary.

Hitomi and I met Britton at my place and went to "Tenkaichi(Japanese Restaurant)".
It was really nice and full of non Japanese people. I guess the staff were chinese.

Britton said he wanted tap water but she misunderstood he've said "Sapporo"(it's beer brand name), hehe.

By the way, do you know someone who has got a old TV which she/he doesn't use now?
I think watching TV is good practice for my listening and I was thinking to buy. However, it is not good deal for using just for a year or two.

Oh, about 13th, what time can you pick us up in front of the Italian restaurant?
Please tell me later!
I am happy to meet you so soon.

Pob Hwyl!(Best of luck)
by yn-cardydd | 2006-11-12 12:47 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Iau 9 Tachwedd 2006(Thursday 9th November 2006)

Noswaith dda, Pauline and John,
Sut wyt ti?(How are you, informal expression)

I got email from Gareth, he said you or he pick us up on Monday.
Will you pick us up or Gareth do it? Tell me about it later.

Today, I got so tired because from today, a new lecture started, which is from 5 to 6 pm.
Every week, a guest speaker come to our school and talk about his /her field.
This time, a curator came from Swangea. It was really impressive but sometimes I couldn't listen to his talk. As I recorded his talk, I will listen again and again.

Oh, speaking of Swangea, Hitomi is coming to Cardiff! Tommorrow!
Three of us(Hitomi, Britton, and I) will go to theatre to see Christmas Carol(it's a bit early for Chirstmas Carol, though) and go to National Museum as well. Hitomi told me she loves Impressionist and, so, she is really interested in art gallery in National Museum.

Last night(morning, technically), I slept only for two and half hours.
So sleepy. My bed, duvet, blanket and pillow are calling me.

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2006-11-10 09:19 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd wercher 8 Tachwedd 2006 (Wednesday 8th November 2006)

Noswaith dda,

Thank you for your mail and kind words.
I'm all right and I have plenty of push now for next presentation. Although I easily get nervous and am scatterbrained, I think everythig is going to be all right if I gain something new from my mistakes or failure. You might not believe me, but I am optimistic person.

Oh, I chatted with my Japanese firend yesterday(she is in Japan). When she saw my resent picture, she said I am becoming skinnier than before. I thought the same thing recently....
So, today, I made miso soup and I put all of vegitable I had. I ate meat and fish as well.
It's getting colder day by day, so, I have to take care of my health.

Take care of you, two.

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2006-11-09 08:05
Shmae, sut dych chi?

Today, as you know, Chris took me and Britton to Aberdare and we did presentation there. I think you were happy not to be there. I made blunder so badly! I forgot what I wanted to say while speaking! My goodness!! I wanted to try to calm me down but at that time I got too nervous to do it.

Everyone, especially Britton, told me the presentation was good and interesting but I knew it was total disaster. I didn't say anything but they tried to encourage me. That's the proof that I failed. What I wanted to do is entertain them, not to be encouraged by them...

On 13th, I am going to use the same documents for presentation and doing better. I definitely will do!

by yn-cardydd | 2006-11-08 10:58 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Llun 6th Tachwedd 2006

Noswaith dda!

I phoned Britton and he said he is ok with the time, 5:45 pm(It is quater to 6, isn't it, John?).
I am looking foward to seeing Hitomi there.

Speaking of Hitomi, she might come to Cardiff next week to see Christmas Carole together.
Britton said Christmas Carol will start so soon at New Theatre. It is first time for me to see it and so I am happy with the plan.

Yesterday, I got email from my friend in Japan. She told me that I have something which makes others want to care of me and she envies me(it's not bad meaning, she said.). However, in my opinion, whenever someone helps me, I am so nervous or in touble. So, I cannot enjoy the fortune at the moment in mental meaning . Of course, I really appreciate all of the people who help me.
Plus, I think the reason why people help me is that my face always talks a lot uncouciously, especially when I am in trouble with something.
Anyway, all I can do now is to study hard and experience as many things as possible so that I can help someone in the future.

I wrote such a long email today!

Nos da!
by yn-cardydd | 2006-11-07 06:50 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Welsh disabled Sports(障害者スポーツ大会)見学の感想
Dydd Sul 5 Tachwedd 2006(Sunday 5th November 2006)

Noswaith dda(Good Evening),

It was nice day today, wasn't it? Many people were enjoying themselves and they seemed to be very fun.
I got a lottery ticket after two of you left there but I got nothing. Britton bought two and he said if he had won 3rd prize(Gallon Bottle of Whisky) he would have given me it. I can't drink so much!

I got new 2 vocabularies today. One is "dimple" and another one is "beanie".
I found a dimple on Brittons chin and he had beanie today. He pulls his beanie even inside the building if he feels cold but for me it's a bit weird. In Japan, people think putting beanies, caps or hat is rude. Maybe teenagers don't care about it, but if someone behave as a well-balanced person, he/she put it off. However, I didn't tell him about the Japanese custom because I don't want to intrude my own country's way on others.

By the way, I was a bit confuesed with the Rotary schedule today. 7th and 13th are the day we have to give a presentation, right? I'll be waitting for your email.

Nos da, pob whyl! (Good night, See you)

by yn-cardydd | 2006-11-06 08:43 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Gwener 3 Tachwedd 2006 日本人友達とポットラックパーティー
Everyone cooked Japanese foods and brought them. Is it called potluck party, isn't it?
Today, I cooked "Nikogori". In Japan, people often make food boiled and seasoned by a pot and then, the soup is left in the pot. Nikogori is made with the soup they usually throw away.

First, boil water and add vegitable gelatin and then, add the soup and some vegitables and meat you like. Maybe you should cut them into small pieces because it's easier to cut Nikogori and eat.
Finally, pour the liquid( becoming solid..) into a case or container and put it in a refrigerator.
Then, you can enjoy the taste!

Now, we are full and can't eat anymore....

Nos da! (maybe I have to say "Bore da"(good morning) becouse you probably read this message in the morning.)

by yn-cardydd | 2006-11-04 10:41 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール





Yng nghaerdydd



by yn-cardydd | 2006-11-03 09:25 | 自己紹介
Sut dych chi?(How are you?)
Dw i'n da iawn.(I'm pretty good!)
Mae hi'n blaf heddiw.(This is fine today)

Recently, every Thursday I go to a pub with my course mates after all classes finished.
(Can I say "all classes finish"? not finished..)
Two weeks ago, one of my course mates asked me "Do you want to go to a pub together?".
At that time, I was so happy that I said "Yes!" immediately. I knew I couldn't understand their conversation almost at all and therefore, I was afraid of talking to them. So, I wondered how I could get along with them...

Still now, I can't understand but everyone explains for me again and again.
Someday, near future, I want to share the same feeling with them without asking "Sorry?","Again?" or "Pardon"?

Plus, I want to understand whole thing you tell me.
It is really regrettable not to understand what you say exactly because you always tell me something for me.

I'll keep challenging!

Nos da!
by yn-cardydd | 2006-11-03 08:48