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Annwyl P and J, sut wyt ti?

Hitomim, Britton and I were going to winter land for skating on last Sunday, but we couldn't.
It was rainning so much all the day long. So, we gave it up.

What did we do instead of skating? We went to a Spanish restaurant and ate tapas, I mean we shared small portion dishes. I tried Shangria (It's Spanish cocktail though I don't know exact spelling of it, though). I knew I didn't go out and eat at restaurant or somewhere so much like Britton, because I usually cook by myself at my flat but again, I recognised it. I don't know what kind of restaurants are in Cardiff and where they are exactly. I should look around city centre more.

After that, we went to a cinema. Did you see "The Holiday"? It's kind of comedy, and kind of love story. I really enjoyed that film although I was worrying I couldn't understand at all without subtitle. I didn't have to worry! I laughed so much while clapping my hands and cried a bit. You know, Britton always worries about me. Sometimes he got glimpse of me(I thought he worried if I could understand and enjoy) but I thought he got releaved.
Anyway, I'll try to improve my English so much because I didn't understand all of it and especially, the long lines are difficult to follow.

I wrote a lot. I'll send another mail as Monday's email.

Pob Hwyl, Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2006-12-12 10:52 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Annwyl P and J,

As Hitomi was coming to Cardiff so, I went to Lidol and bought plenty of things to cook.
Therefore, I got a serious mustle pain around my shoulders and west.
I am totally powerless girl, I really know it myself, but I wanted to buy everything I need to cook something good for her.

Hitomi got here on Saturday night. Hitomi and I chatted with each other until almost 5 o'clock.
Girls cannot stop talking easily even though they have a good plan to do on next day!
I cooked curry and rice for her, and we enjoyed the meal so much. As I expected, she ate much more than me. I cooked so much like three portion for me.

Britton, he went to Barth for school trip or something, so, he didn't join us on Saturday. However, he did today(11th). We really enjoyed very much indeed, but I 'll talk about that later.
Now we have to go to bed earlier than yesterday to wake up in the morning( we got up noon today, actually....).

So, Nos da,
Yn-Caerdydd with my friend
by yn-cardydd | 2006-12-11 10:40 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール

Annwyl Pauline and John,

I went to "Tenka ichi", a Japanese restaurant because Cardiff University Japanese society had a party there. I am not a member of it, but my friends said we should go together. I think, "Japanese sosiety is a group owend by Japanese students, but at Cardiff Universtiy, not owned by Japanese.
It is originally for British students who want to study Japanese or Japanese culture. So, they always welcome Japanese students.

I usually don't drink so much, but yesterday, I did. I was so releaved because I could submit the essay. Oh, I met a British guy who was born in Japan, Hokkaido iland! He was grown up in Kushiro city until he became 12 years old. So, he could speak very fluently.
At the party, I won the rottery and they gave me a skipping rope. But the rope is coverd with many plastic tubes(I can't understand why!), plus, it has got loud patterns. So I won't use it.

Anyway, I enjoyed the party so much.
I will send another email for today( 9th December) later.

Llawer o gariad(Lots of love).
by yn-cardydd | 2006-12-10 09:47 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Annwyl P and J,

This week has been so busy but it's going to finish, tomorrow.

I got depressed so much today because I still can't say good suggestion or opinion in my class.
When I dropped in my tutor's room for other things, she wanted me to have a little chat with each other. She talked to me and said "Are you going to language school?"
I know she is worrying about me because I can't be positive and active in her class yet though I am "Postgrad Student"here. I still don't have confidence with my English even in writting and reading and so, I couldn't say anything there.

But, I promised her to bring my note which I am witting about what I learned in her class for reviewing. I want to show I can understand than she expected. My speaking and listening is so bad, so, probably she thought I couldn't understand so much.

Anyway, I have to do something about my speaking and listening, too.
One of Japanese friends suggested me that I should watch a lot of TV drama or film without any subtitle during holiday. I'll try it.

Although recently I hate questions like "how's your school staff going?", I'll do my best to answer "it's pretty good".

Nos da
by yn-cardydd | 2006-12-08 11:39 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Mercher 6 Rhagfyr 2006(Wednesday 6th December 2006)

Noswaith dda,

I was releaved I finished final presentation in this year.
Although, I don't know my English has been improved so much, I didn't get nervous so much compered to my presentation in other place.
However, my listening is still not good. I always think I wish if I could listen and understand everyone's conversation. As I told you, I couldn't listen and understand the reason why I got fined last night. I just understood I got fined and you paid for me.

Anyway, I enjoyed there because it is small room and could get to know other people.
I want to talk with people more and more, so I'll try to be courious about everything. I think that is the best way to get more vocaburaries and get to used to listening and speaking in foreign language. During holiday, I am also going to read books a lot.

By the way, Britton seems to be getting better though his voice was so bad yesterday.
He is from Hawaii, so he is susceptible to cold, isn't he?

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2006-12-08 10:57 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Llun 4 Rhagfyr and Dydd Mawrth 5 Rhagfyr 2006

Annwyl P and J,

How was the pub tonight?
I wanted to go to the pub as well because pubs are sometimes in very old buldings.
On the way to Llandaff Cathedral, I saw some pubs and I wanted to go some old pubs some day.
If I had known it, I didn't have 2 glasses of wine!
Maybe, I will have another chance.

Anyway, I was really impressed the appearance and the interior of Llandaff Cathedral and moved by the beautiful voice of the choir, especially, the solo. Did they have the audition or somethign to join the choir? All of them had really cute and beautiful voice, they were like angels.

Oh, and yesterday, I met one of Japanese friend and she told me my sense of humour is like British one. I don't know myself, though... My jokes sometimes has got kind of sarcastic mood and I wonder that's why she thought so.

I am having a busy week this week but after this, I am going to drink with friends here, Hitomi is coming to Cardiff again, and Christmas holiday is coming so soon! It won't be long, I always think so and try to cheer me up.

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2006-12-06 10:16 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Sul 3 Rhagfyr 2006(Sunday 3rd December 2006)

Annwyl P and J,
Sut wyt ti?

That was really good night, yesterday, going to a Christmas concert and look around a park, it's like family thing! It is very important to have someone to talk with like a family in other coutries even if I don't have any trouble here. I really think so.

By the way, I noticed one thing. The way of thinking about meal is different between Japan and Britain. I mean, in Japan, we always have carbohydrate thing like rice, noodle or bread, called staple food and we arrange other foods which are good with rice, bread, noodle or something.
However, I think, in this country people don't care so much about staple food like Japanese.
In my flat, there is no British students but I thought so through some meal at restrants or somewhere.

Oh, I still have another essay I am working on and I call this mission impossile. However, I have to finish it!

I thoght I did tell you my new mobile number, didn't I? Just in case, I put it down.
I suppose tomorrow is the day to go to the dentist, right? Could you tell me what time you can pick me up later, please?

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2006-12-04 06:58 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Hi, Pauline and John,

It was wonderful concert. I really enjoyed it.
When I saw the programme, I didn't know what the Timbrelists are like, but it was really fun and attractive.

I was singig in a kind of school choir when I was a primary school student. My school, every year, took part in a competition of NHK(National broadcast company). So, the children's beautiful voice reminded me of the days. Iona's voice was amazing, too, so, I think I need singing in my life.
But, singing in my presentation is "very special occastion" only for Cardiff Breakfast.

Oh, I forgot to tell you my new mobile number. It's xxxxxxxxx.
Probably, I won't use the old one anymore(I'm using it as a alarm clock, though)
About Britton, he said he would be very busy and cannot come with us on Tuesday.

I will send another email tonight for today(this is for yesterday!)

Pob Hwyl,
by yn-cardydd | 2006-12-04 02:07 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Gwener 1 Rhafyr 2006(Friday 1st December 2006)

Hi Pauline and John,

You know, from this Friday, it's December! The last month in a year already!
Time always passes faster than I expected and never wait for me!
Anyway, in walsh, December is "Rhagfyr", now I got new vocaburary today. Oh, I got another one today, "Rydw i'n dysgu Cymaerg". That means "I am learning Welsh". I am going to use the phrase in the next presentation.

I finally handed in an essay today! It was due to 12:00 today and I did at 11:58 !!
I thought I might not be able to submit it....Althoug I still have another essay, so I have to work on it, I am very happy to finish one of many things I have to do.

By the way, I'd love to go to the concert with you, of course.
I will wait for you at the same place as usual at 7 pm. I will tell Britton about next Tuesday if he want to come or not. I did complained so much with Hitomi about his recent bad corresponding, he will answer so soom this time, I hope!

Speaking Hitomi and Britton, they have got "American accent" as she always tell in her presentation. Do you think I am getting "British accent"? I hope I want to get it during my staying here.

Anyway, I am looking foward to seeing you on Saturday(already Saturday now, actually)
Gwela i chi Sadwrn(See you on Saturday!)
by yn-cardydd | 2006-12-02 10:50 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール
Dydd Iau 30 Tachwedd 2006(Thursday 30th November 2006)

Hi, Annwyl Pauline and John,

I was soooo busy from Thursday to Friday, so I couldn't email you.
Now, I will send two email at onece for Thursday and Friday.

Thursday, as I told you, I had got a lot of lectures and still worked on 1500 words essay due to Friday 12:00. What a hell situation I was having! I worked on each thing while I was wishing my luck by myself. I wanted to study all night long, but I couldn't keep my concentration on writting. So, I slept for 3 or 4 hours.

I should learn to sort something out for my study. I always take much more time to reading, writting or everything because Japanese is totally different from English. Studying in English is, like, something ask me to think in a completely different way from my original way.
For example, if I say "I went to library to borrow the book today" in Japanese, the words order is like this; "I ,today, book, borrow to, library to, went". See? I heard Japanese language, technically, dosen't belong to any language family. Some people say Korean and Japanese are similar but that is because both countries imported vocaburaries and characters from China in ancient time. In fact, Korean and Japanese has got difference in vocabrary, pronunciation, the number of consonant and vowel sounds.

Oh, so, Japanese people have to struggle with any language when they want to learn....my goodness. One of my Japanese friends is studying in Italy. Especially German people are good at Italian, so sometimes some German make fool of asian people because they take much more time to master the language, my friend said.
She(my friend) told me the German people are so inexperience because they don't know why Italian is difficult for asian people and they imagine that is because asian are fool"

Comparing to her situation, I am lucky. I can tell everythig to both of you, Rotarian people are always kind to me, my course mates don't make fool of me about language.

However, I want to make them say I am very fluent in English from their heart.
It takes sometime, though. I hope I can do it if I don't give it up.

Nos da,
by yn-cardydd | 2006-12-02 10:11 | ウェールズの父と母に送るメール